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Junior Achievement


Junior Achievement


Dear Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce Members:

I spoke to your Chamber about 2 months ago about the Junior Achievement program coming to Bollinger County. Thank you again for allowing me to share with you the benefits of Junior Achievement. I am proud to say that Junior Achievement is reaching 452 students at Woodland Elementary and Middle Schools!

The programs are being facilitated by the counselors and will teach basic business and life fundamentals such as: check writing, voting and election procedures, setting price and competition in the market place, batch and mass production, assembly lines, saving money, needs and wants...and many more crucial topics such as these.

All of these programs are provided FREE OF CHARGE to any school that requests the program. Through outside donations and fundraisers, Junior Achievement tries to raise the money to cover all costs. This is where we need your help! It costs about $25 per child to bring the program to our schools. With 452 students receiving the program, we need to raise approximately $11,300 to support those needs and ensure the future of the JA program year after year to Woodland, as well as the expansion of programs to other schools in the Bollinger County area. We need your help!

If you or your business can help support JA programs in any amount, please contact me for more information. A non-profit organization, we rely on the kindness and generosity of our business and community leaders to ensure that we can teach these valuables economic principals to our area students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or for more information. Some Missouri tax credits may be available as well.

Any help of any size is appreciated! Thank you for your time and consideration!


Merideth Pobst
District Manager of Junior Achievement of Southeast Missouri


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